Leadership Development for the 21st Century

Louise Frayne

What I Wish I Could Tell Myself 8 Years Ago?

Imagine 8 years ago, what were you doing? What were your dreams? Who were you with? What did you love? Got that? Now what do you wish that you could tell yourself looking back now?


Decisions, decisions, decisions
How to improve your decision making skills

Decisions…..decision making is one area that crops up time and time again during my coaching sessions with clients.READ MORE…

Queen Bees

Queen Bees – Have You Pulled The Career Ladder Up Behind You?

Queen Bees…we have all met one, you know the women who have reached the top and rather than acting as a role model or mentor to other women, instead pull the career ladder up behind them. READ MORE…

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias
Horns and Halos

Unconscious bias is powerful! But what do we mean when we hear the term “unconscious bias”? and what impact can it have on our everyday thinking?READ MORE…

Top 10 Tips for Recruitment

Top 10 Tips for Recruitment
10 Top Tips to Recruiting the Right People for Your Business

Recruitment for many businesses can seem like an absolute minefield and for a small business knowing where to start with recruitment is yet another problem to be solved. The top tips below set out all the important considerations for recruitment to help you on your way.READ MORE…

How To Get Noticed

How To Get Noticed!

How to get noticed can often be tricky but it can be done without feeling as though you are being pushy! Are you one of those people who often feel that at work you are not noticed? You work hard, you are punctual, you deliver results, you are a good team player, pleasant to work with, yet despite all of this you are never noticed by your line manager, senior managers or colleagues? It’s like you are invisible!READ MORE…

Boost Your Career

Boost Your Career – Developing A Strategy

To boost your career you need to develop a strategy and in Dan Schawbel’s words “Building a career is like mining for gold. You have to keep chipping away until you discover what you’re meant to do.”READ MORE…


Procrastinator – Moi?

Procrastinator or simply putting off doing the inevitable? So what’s the difference? Actually, there is no difference! Do you find yourself finding every reason under the sun to put off doing important tasks? Yes? If so, you may be a procrastinator however, if it’s any consolation you are not alone. We all procrastinate to some degree however; if you procrastinate so much it may be preventing you from realising your true potential and thwarting your ambition. READ MORE…


Self-Sabotage – Stop Undermining Yourself
How to recognise it and beat it

Self-sabotage is one of the biggest debilitators anyone can face, yet all too often we don’t recognise that this is precisely what we are doing to ourselves and consequently it continues to undermine our efforts and successes. Yet you can beat self-sabotage if you first recognise that this is what you do.READ MORE…

First Impression

First Impression – How To Make It Count

First impression – it is often said that people make their mind up about you in three seconds, yes three seconds! In that time, brief as it is, they will form a first impression of you; they will judge you on your appearance, body language, demeanour, tone of voice, your dress and your mannerisms.READ MORE…