Top 10 Tips for Recruitment

Top 10 Tips for Recruitment
10 Top Tips to Recruiting the Right People for Your Business

Recruitment for many businesses can seem like an absolute minefield and for a small business knowing where to start with recruitment is yet another problem to be solved. The top tips below set out all the important considerations for recruitment to help you on your way.

1. Make sure you hire ‘the safe person’

Try to find a person who fits the profile of the work position you are offering with experience in the same job and industry and from a company similar as yours. Don’t plan to train employees into missing talents and habits but develop their best qualities. Hire winners, people who will hit the ground running.

Don’t forget it is customary to ask all new starters to work a six month probationary period. Set clear objectives for the first six months and how the employee’s performance will be measured. Hold regular review meetings to discuss progress etc. At the end of the probationary period if the employee has met the objectives confirm in post, if not either extend the probationary period with clear expectations of improvements to be made or terminate the contract. For further details see our blog on performance management at:
Effective Performance Management

2. Search for transferable skills

When searching for employees you don’t have to search in your specific industry since you may find a suitable candidate who possesses the skills you need working in an entirely different industry. Some skills like management, problem solving abilities and customer service can be found in people working in different industries.

3. Be clear about the things that the job requires

Clearly state the job’s description and the day-to-day responsibilities should be clear to the potential employee so that there won’t be any unpleasantness in the future.

4. Use the full potential that the interview offers

Make sure you ask questions that are relevant to the job in question so you can obtain information about the person’s ability to find their role in the offered position. Fitment to your company’s culture is also very important. Make sure you don’t lead the candidate to answer the way you’d like them to. So, instead of saying “Are you good at HR?” say “Tell me about your experience in HR.”

5. Don’t hire people because you like them

It is important to hire someone you can work well with particularly when there may be just the two of you in the office however don’t let the fact that you like someone cloud your judgement either particularly if you have any doubts about their ability. Always look for characteristics you need when you hire someone, like experience, ability to blend in your company and skills they possess. A person can be the best friend someone has and still lack the desired qualities. So you shouldn’t let yourself be led by your emotions.

6. Hire people for their passion, desire and commitment aiming for a fit with your business

Always ask yourself if the person would enjoy the job. Hire people for the things that cannot be trained or developed. Hire people for their talent. Try to discover if they have the ability you’re looking for. A way to do this is by giving them ‘homework’ prior to hiring them so you can make sure that they have a necessary passion for work since a vast number of people will try to avoid doing this and you can seek out those with passion.

7. Be sure to perform checks

You have to do this in order to know if the candidates you wish to employ can do the job and contribute to your company. Ask for candidates’ original examination certificates. Also perform background checks and check former employment history which is best done by phone. When references are concerned, ask for written ones but beware that it is possible that these can be written by a friend or by themselves. You can also try using a background verification company.

8. Beat the competition

Conduct research in your local job market to find out the compensation that competitors in your industry offer. Pay better than the average rate so you can attract the best candidates.

9. Be a great employer

You should aim to be known as a great employer. You can do this by giving benefits to your employees, by motivating them, rewarding them, recognizing their efforts and accomplishments and promoting them. This way you will have your employees brag that you offer a great place for work and people will believe the employees before they believe anyone else.

10. Use your website for hiring

Your website tells all sorts of things about your company. Include an employment section to describe your available positions and search for information about why a certain candidate has contacted you and wants to work for your company. That’s how you’ll check if a potential employee’s experience resonates with the information stated in your site.

By following these 10 simple tips you can help your organization save money, hire great talent, and create a successful workplace that will meet your employees’ needs.

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