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Along side my blogs I am also delighted to offer a range of free resources which can be downloaded as PDF documents.

The resources are packed with great information and top tips and focus on:

Coaching: so you have found a coach you want to work with and now you need to think about how to get the best out of a coaching relationship? It’s a big commitment both in terms of time and money, and for many coaching may be a relatively new experience. This handy handout lists my top ten tips to getting the most out of your relationship with a coach. The tips include: building trust and rapport with your coach, seeing feedback as a gift, listening and reflecting with the intent to act, setting realistic but challenging goals which play to your strengths, understanding your own sinkholes and committing to action. Click here to download my 10 Top Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Coaching Relationship.


Recruitment: developing a team starts with attracting and selecting the right people in the first place. Yet, recruitment is not an exact science and the ideal candidate at interview can often be a disaster in the team environment. Drawing on my own experience of recruiting and developing teams, I have collated my own thoughts into a top tips handout. In this I share with you how to attract the right people in the first place, searching for transferable skills, writing a clear role profile, conducting searching interviews, performing checks, how to onboard them as well as how to set yourself apart from your competition as a great employer. Click here to down load my Top 10 Tips for Recruitment.


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New Job! Finding a new role can often seem like the hardest part but when your start date looms nerves can creep in and all of a sudden you become all too conscious that you will be the new girl or boy again! How do you navigate a new organisational environment? How do you set clear goals for your first 90 days in post? Who do you need to get to know in the organisation? How will you build and manage your relationship with your new boss? All can seem quite daunting! In the e-book “You’ve Got It! How to Make the Best Possible Impact in the First 90 Days of Your New Job” I share lots of great advice, practical tips and a strategic approach to managing your working relationships well. The e-book has templates that you can use to help you plan, prepare and execute your strategy to get your first 90 days of to a flying start.

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