Adding Value Through People

  "My company, Majestic Gardening Services has grown exponentially over the last five years, as has my staffing. As a very much hands on Managing Director, I have experienced difficulties with finding the time to ensure I am following the correct procedures with regard to staff management. Appreciating the importance of getting this absolutely right, I contacted a number of HR consultants for advice; all bar Equaliise Limited would only work with me if I agreed to a monthly retainer. As an independent business the retainer costs were prohibitive, and I liked Louise's approach of charging a flat hourly rate. I have also valued Louise' ability to explain employment law etc., in an easy to understand way, her proactive advice and solutions focused approach. I would highly recommend Louise to any organisation wanting no nonsense, sound and pragmatic advice on all employment issues." Kenny Lawrence, Managing Director, Majestic Gardening Services  

“It is a great pleasure to recommend Louise. I worked with Louise for over 3 years and, throughout this time, she has been exceptional in encouraging me to excel at developing myself and to reach my own professional goals. Louise coached me to reach my potential in presentations and interviews. Louise is a great and down to earth leader, by understanding and getting to know everyone she works with. Nothing ever feels like it’s too much when Louise is involved. Louise helped me to keep aiming higher and I will continue to do this. I highly recommend Louise!” Dr Alison Elderfield, Head of Lindsay Stewart Centre for Audit and Clinical Informatics, Clinical Quality, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

“I decided to attend executive coaching sessions as I was taking on my first senior management role.  Attending coaching was a way to explore how to develop an effective personal style, and to deal with specific leadership challenges, in a neutral and safe environment. Throughout the sessions, Louise was extremely approachable and easy to talk to.  Louise let me set the agenda for each of the sessions and ensured that I had time to explore all the issues that were most important to me.  In each case, Louise helped me to develop useful strategies for adapting my approach to get the outcomes I wanted.  She was a great source of support and I would not hesitate in recommending her to others.” Kate Fitch, Head of Public Policy, Sense

“Louise possesses a unique blend of HR and coaching qualifications which coupled with her practical and sensitive approach to situations make her very good at what she does. Louise provided me with thought provoking challenge with regard to a difficult work situation and ongoing coaching support as I began my exit from my employer of many years. Her careful and considered coaching style led to an outcome that was good for both myself and my former employer. I am eternally grateful to Louise and am very keen to endorse her services.” AM, London 

“I would like to thank Louise, who is a very inspiring role model and a great mentor, for all the support she has provided.”
HB, London

“Louise is a very inspirational coach and a great role model to so many she works with. She is guided by high values and integrity and her actions are consistent with her spoken words. Louise offers appropriate challenge and is very confident when dealing with senior managers providing constructive challenge to ensure the best outcome is reached. Louise is very highly regarding by her peer group, developing effective working relationships and she has a strong network within her profession and the sectors she has worked. Louise has coached many peers on a daily basis, throughout her career and there have been some great results including promotions. Louise has a very creative style which is used to design and tailor training programme to suit the needs of the group. Louise listens to make sure she fully understands before she engages in solutions. She has also got an adept ability to understand the core of an issue, which is made possible by the knowledge, experience and expertise that Louise offers. Louise believes in the clients, she coaches, even when the client may have doubts and lack confidence and it is this encouragement that brings out the best in those she works with. I highly recommend Louise as an executive coach.”    
Katie Dawson, HR and Organisational Development Business Partner

“My main concern with regard to buying in a HR service was the human resources theory would not meet our operational requirements and that any training undertaken would not have a longer term benefit. I was very impressed with Louise’s grasp of operational requirements and how quickly Louise was able to draft the workshop timetable to tease out the issues before she had actually met the team. Louise’s ability to shape the workshop to concentrate on the issues as they developed over the course of the day was impressive and was Louise’s almost immediate understanding of the team dynamic. I would definitely recommend Louise’s services to others. She provided both a clear framework for our workshops to explore our issues and seamlessly helped draft an action plan to allow us to continue to deal with a range of issues going forward. The exercises and group work sessions were well thought out, using a range of different exercises and self-analysis tools, which engaged the staff team individually and collectively in working toward solutions. Louise’s facilitation skills were fantastic, ensuring that we explored the issues, reached workable solutions in a collective way whilst ensuring that the overall brief given was met.”
Jason Tetley, Chief Executive Glasspool Charity Trust

“2013/14 has been a year with a breadth of challenges and achievements and I am very proud of the development I have made through the last 12 months. I have learnt many lessons which I will continue to use to enhance my skills. The knowledge and the support/mentoring provided by Louise has been extremely beneficial during the challenging situations. She is an exceptional role model and coach.”  
SP, Hertfordshire

“I am grateful for the continued support and guidance Louise gives and I cannot thank her enough for her coaching and mentoring through some challenging situations. She is a fantastic role model and an inspiration to anyone working within the HR arena.”  
SC, London